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Crafting your travel content into a short FILM. delivered with creativity, ingenuity and imagination.

what to do with all of those random travel videos and pictures?

Travel videos are what really got me started. When I was 14 years old, my family drove from Vancouver, British Columbia to visit my dad's sister and her family in Edmonton, Alberta. We rented a red minivan, and the 5 of us leisurely made our way there and back again, stopping often to make the most of our summer trip. I somehow got convinced my parents to let me use the family camcorder the entire trip. Once we were home, I cut together a short 3 minute video (to Idina Menzel's "Here"). I remember thinking that nothing else had ever given me the high, or the feeling of accomplishment like editing this video together had. I was hooked. 

At 19 years old, I got my passport for the first time since being a baby. Mexico, Amsterdam, Paris, Las Vegas, New York, Los Angeles, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam - every place I travelled got a video. A road trip to Tofino,  taking the old VW van down the Oregon Coast and ending up at Disneyland, a day trip to see Pemberton, BC for the first time. I 'm so grateful to have a video for each of my adventures. Not only do they act as a mini time machine, bringing me back (resulting in all of the feelings) but a video is a simple & entertaining way of sharing my trip with my family & friends. 

New York

South East Asia

Los Angeles

a few of my personal travel videos

from over the years

"How cool is it to effortlessly capture a trip like this one!? I honestly didn’t know what to expect but I had a GoPro full of footage I just didn’t know what to do with! I handed it over to Sarah with no direction as to what I wanted and this was the result. It honestly blew me away how she could create such a fun interactive doc style movie that flowed like the waves below us, casually capturing the trip of a lifetime. 

She’s is a dream to work with and highly talented! Can’t wait for more to come from Solay Creative Media"

- Ashley

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Majority photos + a few phone videos

a finished video of approx 3 minutes

custom pricing available  - contact me to discuss your details

mix of photo + video (phone, dslr, gopro)

a finished video of approx 9 minutes

majority video (phone, dslr, gorpo)

a finished video of approx 20 minutes