A behind the scenes look at your business. An event you need to remember. A story you need help piecing together. Whatever it is you're that looking for, I'm in.

Here, the possibilities are endless.

Videography & Editing

my specialty!

Every concept, business style and individual idea is unique, but I'll lay out some popular options.

Event Videography 

Perhaps you have a party coming up that you like to be able to relive in the future. Maybe a fundraiser or a program you want to share with your sponsors. A recap video for that music festival you're putting on. Whatever it may be, I am more than thrilled to be there, capturing the entire event.

Event videography is probably my most requested service. It was also the first type of videography I worked on with clients straight out of college, so it has a special place in my heart. I usually like to act as a fly on the wall, capturing your event without interruption. 

Event Videography 

Corporate Videos, Location Tours & Social Media Content

Create a stronger relationship with your customers by creating "meet the team" videos.

Tell your company's story - what makes you unique? Give your members or clients a video tour of your location(s), so that they have a feeling of familiarity before their first time visit. Or what about some social media content? It's no secret that social media platforms are a must for business growth these days. Engage your audience with some impactful video content.

Video Editing

Maybe you already have your footage - it's putting it all together that seems daunting. Editing was my first love. As a teenager, I would take clips from random movies and piece them together.

Training & Onboarding

Use video to welcome new team members, assign training videos and demonstrate procedures, or share new launch items.

I'm a visual learner, always have been. Back in my restaurant days, if you simply used words to explain to me how to make this month's 5 new seasonal cocktails - low chance I'd be heading to the bar and whipping them out one after the other without needing support. Show me a video of these 5 drinks being made, and get ready to see record chit times (this is a slight exaggeration). 

Getting my hands on a cluster of clips, and figuring out how to connect them to create a story is one of my favourite things to do. So, whether you somewhat have an idea of how your footage needs to be arranged, or have a hard drive full of clips that need to somehow make sense - I got you.

editor & partial camera

a select few

Reopening Video
Club 16 Trevor Linden Fitness

Festival Recap Video
Rise & Shine Fundraiser

editor & camera



Album Release Party
Average Citizens

editor & camera

partial editor & partial camera

Wedding Video
Tamara & Devin

Saturday Vlog
The Simplest Self

Band-Aid Sponsor Video
The City of Surrey

         - Desiree Armstrong,
Owner of Halt Your Hustle

editor & camera

Dance: For the Love of It
Halt Your Hustle

"I feel so honoured to have been Sarah's dance instructor and now proudly hire her for any and all events I can with my business Halt your Hustle. The dedication and professionalism she brings from behind the camera all the way to receiving your final product in your inbox is unmatched in my experience. She has a unique eye to take into account what you want as well as offer her professional take of what would add more to your videos. She is very accommodating if you need something by a certain turnaround time and also takes feedback well to make any adjustments. Specifically in regards to capturing movement and dance, her own experience is seen through her footage and her passion for the arts comes across in all of her work. It's like her camera is an extension of her body! As soon as I have a new project in mind she is one of the first people I reach out to you to see if she can help add that extra magic."

- Event Recap Video


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