In June 2018, I created #YESPROJECT. I felt that I was too comfortable with being comfortable, and reached out to my peers through social media platforms. I announced that for the following summer months, I would say “yes” to anything and anyone, within reason. I documented my experiences, and formed the summer into 3 episodes. 

Event Videography 

Episode Release Dates & Reflection Video

On June 20th, 20218 I decided that I would say "yes" for the duration of the summer. I'm very happy to FINALLY be able to announce the release of the 3 resulting episodes, along with this video reflecting on the effects of the project.

Training & Onboarding Videography

I'm BEYOND excited, (and a little nervous), to FINALLY be able to share the first episode of #YESPROJECT with you. I find it difficult to put into words, how I feel about releasing this baby. At the end of the day, watching the episode brings a song to my heart and puts a smile on my face. Need I say more?

Leather Jackets, Climbing & Salsa

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Episode 1:

Episode #2 dances to its own rhythm. Meet my mom to understand why I'm so cool, and see some of Vancouver’s more colourful bits (complete with tequila). Kiera doesn't think that she started screaming before she left the platform. Decide for yourself.

Jumping, Murals & Tequila

Episode 2:

The final episode of the #YESPROJECT "opening trilogy"! Some very old friends and some very new friends. Will probably never get my ear pierced again. Will most likely jump out of a plane again. I think Jen pulls off that "Conehead" hat the best out of the three of us.

Piercings, Ice Cream & Skyfalling

Episode 3: